We have applied for planning for a bungalow on the end of our farm, next to an existing bungalow (incidentally built on our field in the late 70’s and before we owned the land) and opposite another bungalow. There are no objections from anyone or highways and Parish Council approved 100%.

The Council have said that the home must be affordable , that our son must qualify, which he does, and that it will have to be discounted by 40%. or a one off contribution of thousands. Although we have no plans to sell it it seems wrong that our son cannot afford to have a home of his own unless we pledge some of our hard earned money to help someone else.

We have tried talking to the case officer but they also throw up a sustainability excuse as it would be in a hamlet and they say would not support the village, but the man who works in the shop lives there and all the hamlet us the facilities of the village.

Another excuse is that it is in open countryside but it has housing on two sides and a massive boundary hedge on the third side. basically we feel that we are being bullied/blackmailed into paying into the affordable housing budget. Does any one have any advice for us?

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