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Top Staircase Design Trends for 2020

Staircase from Canal Architecture
(Image credit: Canal Architecture )


Over the past few years, natural woods and soft, neutral shades graced the trends of staircase design as homes across the country were filled with muted calm and peacefulness.

In 2020, however, the trends are richer and heavier; pronounced metals with many variations of finish such as brass and antique bronze, as well as glass panes lined with leather and dark, glossy wood. The modern home is evolving into an urban serenity, bringing the dark beauty of the outside world right through our doorways.

Zig Zag Designs

Staircase from Canal Architecture

Zig Zag open riser staircase which combines glass timber and steel (Image credit: Canal Architecture )

Gone are the days of straight, simplistic staircases. The intricate and sharp nature of the zig zag staircase makes it an incredibly popular selection for homes of multiple floors or high rise buildings.

Carved from a beautifully intricate wood, or customised with lashings of leather or a glass balustrade, the pattern of the staircase is a decorative feature in any open, minimal space.

This trend is a particularly fashionable choice for 2020, as well as a solid, sturdy structure that can be customised right down to the very last bolt.

Helical Staircases

Staircase from Canal Architecture

An interior Helical Glass staircase with LED feature lighting (Image credit: Canal Architecture )

Every light-heavy space needs a delicate soft curve. Shaping the light and enlarging the space it encompasses, a helical staircase is an essential trend of 2020.

Encouraging clean lines and easy visibility on descent, the helical design allows for a bespoke choice of materials and styles, pairing perfectly with the existing interior decor of your home. The lack of supporting column allows the staircase to be freestanding or attached to the wall, depending on preference, with endless design possibilities.

This alone is already making the design increasingly popular for unique or bespoke home owners.

Cantilever ‘Floating’ Staircases

Staircase from Canal Architecture

A residential staircase in Liverpool features oak steps and glass balustrade (Image credit: Canal Architecture )

A growing trend of 2020, the cantilever staircase is a uniquely intelligent piece of architecture and engineering.

For the homeowner whose tastes are sharply on-trend and modern this particular design, with its tasteful lines and almost monochromatic style, is a staple for the new year. The beauty of the design as a concept, however, lies in its ability to curve and twist around any space in the house – from a half turn around the wall, to a seamless quarter-turn for bespoke design.

Crafted from a potential range of beautiful natural woods and materials, the cantilever style adds a modern twist to any aged property.

Open Riser Staircases

Staircase from Canal Architecture

Open riser staircase with hand stitched grey leather handrail (Image credit: Canal Architecture )

In 2020, as the design world becomes increasingly enamoured with minimalist Scandinavian styles, the open riser staircase soars gracefully into fashion.

Loose, open stairs, with thin bespoke handrails, the shallow depth of each material makes for a light and refreshing take on a modern staircase.

For even a small or narrow room, the open riser stairs illuminate the available space, making it feel larger and breathable – perfect for those with delicate interior features.