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Give Your Extension the Best Start in Life

interior of a side return extension
(Image credit: Resi / HPH London)

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Often the first step of your project, measured surveys are vital as they gather up all the measurements and photographs your architect, planning officer, contractor (and much more!) will use throughout the journey. 

So, given how important this step is, it makes sense that you want the best service possible, right? 

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3d modelling as part of a build project

(Image credit: Resi)

New Technology Hits the Market

Commercial grade 3D scanners are a new way a surveyor can measure up your home. Rather than simply measuring the dimensions of your property, these lasers convert the entire space into millions of data points - essentially create a digital twin of your home. 

This like-for-like model of your home can be a game-changer for a project. Now each professional you bring on board can explore your home in detail without the need for another site visit. Even more exciting is that this model can help your architect design in 3D. 

a kitchen extension by resi

(Image credit: Resi)

The Joys of 3D

“As a designer, I love working in 3D,” says Nick Stockley (opens in new tab), Head of Design at “Homeowners can really appreciate designs when they’re not just flat, 2D lines on a screen. Using their online Dashboard, Resi customers can take a virtual tour of their future spaces at their leisure, so they’re sure their project is heading in the right direction. What’s more, my team can use the digital models to double-check measurements without the need for another site visit.” 

However, it’s not just architects who are fans of this new technology. Contractors love having a 3D model to hand during the tendering stage. Not only can they troubleshoot potential site issues, but they can also put together a more accurate quote for you to consider.  

a side return extension design to match the existing building

(Image credit: Resi / HPH London)

Are These Surveys Right for me?

Though the technology has reached the market, 3D laser surveys aren’t widespread across the UK. The scanners themselves do require a large purchasing investment and many surveying companies are unwilling to make this commitment for small-scale residential projects. 

However, there are options out there and they don’t have to break the bank either. Some companies, such as, an all-in-one home improvement platform, offer 3D scanning at prices similar to those of traditional surveys. 

“Because of the time savings and the quality they produce, we’re able to offer 3D laser surveys at a cost-effective price. Essentially because it makes our lives much easier for the rest of the journey,” Lisa Westmacott, Head of Pre-Design at Resi, explained. “Because we look after everything from architectural design, building regulations, to helping our customers find a contractor, we want to make sure we understand every facet of a property, right from the very start. Ultimately, what’s good for the customer is good for us too!”

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