We know Colt Houses more these days as old houses from days gone by, sitting nervously on valuable plots, waiting to be knocked down. Yet back in the mid-20th century, they were quite the thing and a go-to choice for self-builders.

The company is still going strong today, in fact, and the new owners sent us in some snaps taken from a Colt self-build project in 1962. It’s over 50 years old now but I thought the images were worth sharing of a young family going about the adventure of building their own home on a largely DIY basis. The fashions may have changed, and the timber frame systems may have improved (Colt now use a 140mm system) but the simple joy and excitement of a family creating their own home is universal.


 Colt-Houses-02 Colt-Houses-03-1002x675 Colt-Houses-04-1002x651

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