When we talk about the package route, timber frame kit homes spring to mind, but there are also package companies offering masonry designs. A package company can offer you as little or as much involvement as you want. Some self builders prefer to help with the design stage then step back, whilst others will hand the full design, build and even interior fit over to a company.

This is the perfect route for those who want a bespoke home, but are short of time to do project. It also appeals those who buy into the particular ethos of a package company as they are often at the fore of eco design and low impact building methods.

In the case of kit home options, it can be an incredibly speedy process. Once the design has been specified, the frame is built off site in a factory and the groundworks can be done in the meantime. Once delivered, a frame can be instructed in a matter of weeks, although some have been known to go up in a matter of days.

A possible drawback of this route is that the design lockdown occurs quite early on in the build. This means you may not have the chance to make changes as you go along, which some builders find useful. On the up, it means that costs can be more easily estimated and quite early on, you will have an idea of your final sum and know there will be little deviation.

Advice to those choosing the package route:

  • Package homes do not come cheap, but remember that you are paying for quality and an easy process.
  • Some package companies offer more chance for your creative input than others, so if this is important to you, choose your company accordingly.
  • Remember that once you have agreed to a design and it is being built in the factory, there is little to no scope to change your mind. You therefore need to be very clear about what you want from the start.

Case Studies

Learn more from those who have chosen the package route.

A bespoke kit home in Scotland

A Bespoke Kit Home in Scotland

A Baufritz package home

A Baufritz Package Home

A Baufritz home in Cornwall

A Baufritz package home in Cornwall

A Welsh Oak Frame home in Powys

Welsh Oak Frame home in Powys

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