Panasonic is giving away a free 4K 65" Smart TV if you buy their heat pump

A Panasonic 65 Class Life+Screen AX800 Series 4K Ultra HD TV
Panasonic are offering a free 4K 65" Smart TV with every purchase of their Aquarea L Series R290 air source heat pump (Image credit: Getty)

Panasonic is offering a free 4K 65" Smart TV to UK customers who buy a heat pump with them.

The promotion is to celebrate the recent launch of Panasonic's Aquarea L Series R290 air source heat pump, which uses a more environmentally-friendly refrigerant compared to older heat pump models.

Here we take a look at details of the new heat pump as well as how to get a free Smart TV, similar to this £599 one being sold on AO, if you choose to buy one.

What is the Aquarea L Series R290 heat pump?

The Aquarea L Series R290 air source heat pump is part of the latest offerings by Panasonic in its heat pump range.

Jose Alves, Regional Director for the UK, Ireland and the Netherlands for Panasonic claimed: “The Panasonic Aquarea L series of heat pumps introduces the natural refrigerant R290 to Panasonic’s domestic air-to-water heat pump series.

"With the introduction of this exciting new unit, Panasonic is driving forward its GREEN IMPACT plan, as well as its vision for a carbon-free society. We want to reward those installers who help lead the way with the decarbonisation journey.”

According to Panasonic its L Series heat pump is:

  • Ideal for retrofit applications, when renovating a home with existing radiators 
  • Offers a hydraulic connection between the indoor and outdoor unit 
  • Providing water outlet temperatures of up to 75°C down to -10°C
  • Domestic hot water up to 65°C without heater for tank sterilisation 
  • Offers an enhanced design with a new indoor unit, which is Anthracite Grey  
  • Offers the ability to integrate your Wi-Fi module into the indoor unit 

What is R290 and why is it more eco-friendly?

R290 is a natural refrigerant that is also known as propane. Propane is classified as a hydrocarbon and is an effective refrigerant.

Propane has a number of properties that make it effective, including its low boiling point, which makes it easy to evaporate, and its ability to absorb heat quickly.

It is already commonly used in domestic refrigerators, freezers, and small commercial refrigeration systems.

R290 is a hydrocarbon refrigerant that has zero ozone depletion potential (ODP) and very low Global Warming Potential (GWP). The GWP of R290 is 3 whereas the current alternatives such as R410A and R407C are 675, proving that R290 is more environmentally friendly than other refrigerants.

How do I claim my free Panasonic 4k 65" smart TV?

Homeowners will need to act fast to qualify for the limited time promotion.

To qualify homeowners will need to purchase and install one Aquarea L Generation heat pump and one Panasonic DHW tank and then connect to the Panasonic Smart Cloud and Wiser control kit to qualify for the Panasonic 65" 4K Smart TV.

The limited time Panasonic Smart TV promotion is currently open and but will only run to the 30th September.

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News Editor

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