'Industrial sized garage' ordered to be removed from garden after retrospective planning permission is rejected

A large garage with metal cladding metal shutter in a garden
The 72m² garage had its retrospective planning application rejected by East Lothian Council due to it being "overbearing, intrusive and incongruous" (Image credit: East Lothian Council)

A homeowner has been told they must remove their garage due to it having a "detrimental impact" on the surrounding area.

East Lothian Council rejected retrospective planning permission for the 72m² garage, which numerous neighbours complained about with some stating the garage was of similar size to some of the houses in the area.

The council have told the homeowner to remove the large garage or else they will pursue enforcement action.

72m² garage the size of some neighbouring houses

The homeowner was told they must submit a retrospective planning application for the garage after it was put up without planning permission.

The garage is 9 metres long and 8 metres wide and 3.85 metres high, has a pitched roof and is constructed from a galvanised metal cladding with a timber frame, with two roller shutter doors for vehicles.

The initial application categorised the construction as a "domestic garage," but concerns were voiced by the Prestonpans Community Council due to its floor space of 72m², which was described as being the size of nearby residences.

Garage prompted numerous complaints from neighbours

Neighbours argued planning permission for the garage should be required and were angered over the use of the garage.

The construction of the garage prompted six complaints from neighbours with the structure being called "obtrusive" with the shed's design seemingly being more in keeping for an industrial rather than domestic use.

There were also complaints of strong chemical fumes and loud noises coming from the shed until 9pm at night.

Complainants also argued that if the structure was allowed to remain it could set a precedent for more industrial buildings in residential areas.

The front of the house shows a Georgian house with garage in the back garden with white front

The size of the garage was said to be the size of some nearby residences as well as causing noise pollution to neighbours (Image credit: Google Earth)

Garage deemed "overbearing, intrusive and incongruous"

East Lothian Council has rejected the application as a "form of unauthorised development" and said the garage will have to be torn down.

The planning officer's report stated: "Due to the large size and scale of its galvanised steel finish, the garage appears industrial in character and is not in keeping with the size, scale and finish of the outbuildings in the rear gardens of other houses in the area.

"Instead, the garage building appears an overbearing, intrusive and incongruous feature inappropriate to and out of keeping with its setting in the rear garden of a domestic property.

"Therefore, due to its size, design and material, the garage has a detrimental impact on the character of the house and the character of the surrounding area."

Following the planning permission being refused the homeowner has been given three months to remove the garage or else enforcement action will be taken.

Joseph Mullane
News Editor

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