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5 Value-adding Home Improvements Under £5k

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Keeping a handle on finances can be tricky when renovating or updating a home, so we’ve gathered together five great improvements that can be completed while on a budget that will turn any property into a dream home. 

Renovate a Tired Kitchen

Kitchens can frequently be one of the most costly aspects of home improvement but by planning ahead projects can keep to a tight budget. If your existing units are timber, consider painting and updating with new worktops to give a fresh look, or if not, try to reuse the carcass and simply buy new door fronts — massively cutting costs. 

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Update an Unloved Bathroom

The average bathroom renovation costs from £2,500 - £3,000 but can drastically improve a house and the lifestyle of those living in it. Designing a sanctuary away from it all can be as simple as retiling, updating sanitarywear or replacing flooring with something more practical. 

Give the Garden Some Attention

New decking, repainting masonry or fencing, or even re-landscaping are all things that can be done on a DIY basis for a fraction of the cost of paying a professional. Be sure to do your research beforehand to get a high-quality finish.

Rejuvenate Interiors with Contemporary Styles

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New, practical flooring can be supplied and installed for under £5,000, giving a new lease of life to tired rooms while repainting in line with modern tastes can be a simple, yet highly effective way to make old rooms feel just like new again. But don’t let hidden costs in the finer details catch you out — include new skirting boards, architraves and door linings in your estimates before you get to work! 

Add a New Home Office

Give that dusty spare room a purpose, transform an unused garage or even build a structure in the garden to create a new space for working from home. Officially one of the most sought-after features in modern homes for obvious reasons, a dedicated home office is fairly simple to set up. Transformative elements to consider are:

  • Fuss-free flooring for roller chairs, such as LVT, engineered timber or tile.
  • Decent lighting for optimal productivity during the day
  • Wiring — think about ethernet ports, extra plug sockets and even an extender for your doorbell.