I have just recieved a quotation for an electricity connection to my new self build, the price seems a little high for what they actually have to do . (7,000 pounds)
The connection will be a single phase supply off the main line which already runs over my plot, the work involves installing a new pole with a mounted transformer(on my land) then running the cable 35 metres to the house.
Thoughts on this would be much appreciated.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Taffy,

    Remember that price will include for 3 other men to stand there drinking tea and watching the other man work! 🙂

    To be serious though the price sounds in the right ball park. We had to have a new 3-phase connection put into our business premises, over a lesser distance, 2 years ago and that cost

  • Anonymous

    Hi Rob,

    The price is actually quoted without the trench dig and backfill as they said I could do that part of the work myself.

    This is what made the price so shocking.

    Thanks for your comments

  • Anonymous

    Hi Taffy,

    Hmmmm, it does sound expensive then.

    I’d ask the distributor for a copy of their ‘basic charging statement’ so you can see how it ties up with the price you have been quoted. They have to provide you with this so don’t take no for an answer.


  • Anonymous

    We sympathise with your plight but don’t think the quote is too bad? We also have had issues with the cost of connection to electricity for our house which incidentally has never had an electrical supply so we live with a diesel generator( Not ideal!) We are about 1 mile from nearest pole and need 8 or 9 poles! Our first quote was

  • antonyatkins1-AT-onetel.com

    You can query the charge and check there are no mistakes, but the electricity company largely have you at their mercy. With gas there is scope for competition between different providers, but I haven’t yet found a mechanism for shaving costs on new electricity connections by using different contractors.

    I expect you know there are four laborious steps to getting a new connection:

    1. you dig the trench including sand base and yellow tape to warn future contractors they’ve reached a cable. The electricity firm then lay the cable through to a meter box (perhaps a temporary site one which they later extend into the house)
    2. get a MPAN number issued by the electricity company
    3. apply to a supply company for a meter installation and maybe wait another three weeks. The installing company is not allowed automatically to be your supplier, so you have to chase around clutching your MPAN number and find one.
    4. once the meter is installed, get an elecrician to install the tails and fuseboard leading to temporary sockets or your main cabling.

  • garyworman

    Old question I know but that prices sounds good to me. Any idea how much tranny costs and the work that has to go in to the design before somebody even starts? Unless you are in the trade then jobs always look easy. Anyway if they wanted 100k what can you do, you got no choice

  • lizaitken166

    I applied for a supply to my new build in 2006 and because I knew there was a planniing application in for the plot next to mine I paid for a double supply after being told I would get a refund when the next application was recieved (and to avoid the long drive being dug up again) THEN the build next door was held up and I am now told I will not get a refund as it is more than 5 years Now I have to try to appeal and get my refund Can any one help !!

  • Lucynaprous

    Hi guys can you help me!! I’ve got a plot of land that I’m in the process of building stables on! I am getting a log cabin mobile home to live in! I need electric to my field! Who do I contact to make this happen??

  • lindsey.davis

    Hi Lucy,

    I have posted your question as a new question in the Q&A so that people can see it. That way it is more likely you will get a response.

    You can view it here:


  • Mark Goodridge

    I have a three phase unit in my house and a single phase cable that goes from the house to the barn I’m renovating. The barn will have the usual household electrical items, cooker, dishwasher, fridge, freezer etc. Is the single phase cable sufficient or do I have to dig up the drive and lay a 3 phase cable? Thanks for any comments.

  • George law

    Hi guys can you help me!! I’ve got a plot of land that I’m in the process of building stables on! I am getting a log cabin mobile home to live in! I need electric to my field! Who do I contact to make this happen??

  • Dave McGurk

    Hi guys am about to embark on a new build, at what stage do I bring the water into the house and what typical route would this take, Gas and electric are easy as they go to an external meter but water mmm!


    We are self building an annex which could poss be a separate dwelling in the future,how do we get separate services .Does this go through planning ect ?

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