We moved in to an old (1860’s) stone house 9 months ago. Since moving in we have reduced the external ground level and made sure the house is well ventilated which seems to have got rid of any damp problems. We now want to knock through the external wall to create a new front door and build a porch. Not knowing very much about this kind of thing I am worried that if we use modern materials such as concrete floors and lintels and block and stone construction are we going to create damp problems or can you join a new modern construction to an old stone house? Many thanks for any help

  • Rachel Haynes

    Hi, the use of modern materials and connecting to them to an old stone house is not a problem as long it is done sensibly. Things to look out for are ensuring that ant new slabs don’t block ventilation to any existing timber floors, and the biggest design issue in ensuring that the porch is properly weathered and flashed with the existing wall and any existing damp proof course.

    Without a lot of questions and emails it is tricky to advise you any further on your specific project. What we would advise is that you find a local architect or builder who has worked on existing properties and get some initial advice based on your current house construction. It doesn’t sound impossible and with good detailing and design should only add benefit to your house.

    Hope this is of use and good luck with the project.

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