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6 Ways to Stay Warm if Your Boiler Breaks

Stay warm if your boiler breaks
(Image credit: c/o British Gas)


We are so reliant on our heating systems to keep us warm during the winter months that it can send us into a panic should the boiler break.

In the event that your boiler does break, there are multiple things you can do to keep you as warm as possible while you wait for an engineer.

1) Draught Excluders

If you live in a draughty house, you probably will have already noticed that your heat is seeping straight out of your house through those nooks and crannies. Keeping doors, windows, and curtains shut will help, but purchasing (or making) your own draught excluders will help keep even more heat in the room.

2) Wrap Up Warm

Stay warm if your boiler breaks

(Image credit: c/o British Gas)

Once you’ve done all you can to prevent draughts in your home, if you’re still cold then now is the time to add some more layers.

  • Wear two t-shirts with a thicker jumper over the top
  • Two pairs of socks – or socks with slippers will help keep your feet warm
  • Have a duvet day – bring your duvet or a blanket downstairs and huddle under that
  • If it’s extremely cold, then wrapping up in scarves, gloves, hats and winter coats is a sensible idea

3) Share Body Heat

Congregating the family in a single room can be a great way to make the room feel warmer, as you’ll all be generating body heat (and if you’ve done your best to combat draughts, you’ll keep the heat in for longer).

Take it up a notch by moving around as much as possible. Not only will it help elevate your heart rate and warm you up, but you’ll generate more heat which will heat the room.

4) Utilise your Kettle

Lots of warm drinks are essential to warm you from the inside out, but you could also fill hot water bottles to keep yourself warm. If you need to bathe, fill your bathtub with water from your kettle (do ensure you add cold water to prevent scalding!).

5) Electric Heaters

If you don’t have a woodburning stove or an AGA, then you might want to consider an electric heater. Not always the most economical, but if you can get your hands on one for a short time, then it can be a great help in keeping your home warm.

6) Escape to the Neighbours

Stay warm if your boiler breaks

(Image credit: c/o British Gas)

If it is truly uncomfortable to stay in your home, then consider popping round to friends, family or neighbours to warm up. When it comes to more vulnerable family members like infants and the elderly, it might be more beneficial for them to stay with friends or family until the boiler is fixed.

If your boiler is on the blink, contact British Gas (opens in new tab) who can offer expert assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week.