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4 Ways to Design a Great Single-storey Extension

Roof lanterns from Korniche
(Image credit: Korniche)


One of the most popular home improvement projects for a reason, single-storey extensions provide much needed extra space, and usually without the need for planning permission (where the Permitted Development rights apply). Here are some great ways to turn an extension project into your dream home.

Let There be Light

Links between wellbeing and natural light have been well documented in recent years so introducing light not just through windows, but by using sliding or bi-Folding doors is a wonderful way to increase brightness in the home.

Bifold doors from Korniche

The new Korniche (opens in new tab) range of aluminium bifolding doors have hidden hinges and no floating mullions delivering slim sight lines so views to both the outside and inside are maximised (Image credit: Korniche)

Don’t Forget About the Rest of the House

Adding a roof lantern to a flat-roof extension project will mean that the rest of the house won’t suffer from being plunged into darkness while maximising light in the new area. The inclination might be to design the perfect extension but, unless you consider the whole house, it will reduce the impact the extension provides. Flat roofs also mean that views from upper storeys won’t hampered, ensuring every room is ideal for your lifestyle.

Roof lanterns from Korniche

Aluminium roof lanterns work best on flat roofs, allowing extra light into the extension without interrupting views from other rooms in the house (Image credit: Korniche)

Create an Outroom

Make the most of the good weather we have experienced over the last couple of years and embrace the ‘outroom’, 2019’s favourite trend. Pair Bi-folding doors with a low threshold to create the intimate indoor/outdoor experience. This allows the extension to feel expansive and for you to get a little creative with furniture placements during the summer months. Top tip: try to match flooring materials inside and out for a seamless experience.

Bifold doors from Korniche

Open the doors to the outside with Korniche (opens in new tab)‘s new bifolding door with one of lowest weather rated thresholds available that offer a true experience of the indoor/outdoor living (Image credit: Korniche)

Think About Comfort

It is easy to get carried away with maximising glazing in an extension, but anyone who has experienced a tacked-on conservatory in the past will know that thinking about solar gain and thermal comfort is a must. An increased amount of glazing mean thermal performance must be considered as otherwise you might create rooms that are too hot in summer and too cold in winter.

Roof lanterns from Korniche

With high thermal efficiency, Korniche (opens in new tab) roof lanterns and bifold doors regulate temperature for optimal comfort  (Image credit: Korniche)