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Thinking of Building an Oak Frame Home? Snag a Free Virtual Advice Appointment with Oakwrights

Oakwrights Home Design and Planning Clinic
(Image credit: Richard Kiely c/o Oakwrights)

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Deciding to build your own home is a big decision in itself, but it also opens the door to a multitude of other sizable choices that you will need to make throughout the project, from financing your project, choosing a construction system and deciding on the build route that best suits you and your budget. 

For a project of this nature, expert advice is essential. While it is relatively easy to source generic advice online for your project during the pandemic, you will also need bespoke advice from industry experts in order to get the most out of your design and ensure you are thrilled with the end result, which can be much harder to achieve in the current lockdown.

To facilitate access to bespoke expert advice from the comfort of your own home, Oakwrights is offering complementary virtual advice appointments as part of its Home Design and Planning Clinic (26-27 March 2021). 

Hosted via Zoom, if you already own a plot of land and would like to discuss your vision for your dream oak frame home with industry experts, this complementary clinic has been designed to support you and your future plans.

What Can I Expect from the Appointment? 

Oakwrights Home Design and Planning Clinic

Chartered Architect Helen Needham and Oakwrights in-house architectural design team will be on hand to help you bring your oak frame home dreams to life (Image credit: Oakwrights)

From the comfort of your home, you will have the opportunity to dive into detail about your specific project and have your questions answered by Oakwrights’ in-house Chartered Architect Helen Needham, and members of its in-house architectural team.

Each virtual appointment (opens in new tab) is private and will last for up to an hour. When booking your appointment, you will be asked for more information about your upcoming project. Try to give as much detail as possible at this stage to enable Oakwrights’ experienced team of Chartered Architects, architectural designers and technicians to have an in-depth understanding of your plot and your self build vision, and undertake any necessary research prior to your appointment. 

Oakwrights Home Design and Planning Clinic

If you're thinking about building an oak frame home, speak to the experts at Oakwrights (Image credit: Richard Kiely c/o Oakwrights)

Come armed with your wish list for the design of your dream home and the Oakwrights architectural design team will share ideas and inspiration to help you reach the full potential of your plot. 

The team is also able to offer expert advice on how you can ensure planning application success for your proposed project.

For more information on the Clinic and how to book a free, no obligation appointment, please visit the Oakwrights website (opens in new tab).