Painters and Decorators: How to Find the Right One

Man painting a wall when decorating
(Image credit: getty images)

Painters and decorators are often forgotten about or even dismissed until it’s nearly the end of the job. In the unofficial hierarchy of the building site, painters and decorators are often considered close to the bottom, and their levels of remuneration reflect this fact.

Many self-builders choose to undertake this trade themselves, and some make a pretty good fist of it. Others realise quickly (although sometimes too late) that this is a complex and important trade that can make or break the final finish and enjoyment of a home.

David Snell

David is one of the UK's leading self build and plotfinding experts, and a serial self builder who has been building homes for 50 years. The author of Building Your Own Home, David spent decades as a speaker and expert at self build exhibitions such as the Homebuilding & Renovating Show. He has recently finished his fourteenth self build project.