How much does a dishwasher cost to run — and will hand washing save money?

How much does a dishwasher cost to run? A woman loads a dishwasher in a dark coloured kitchen
How much does a dishwasher cost to run will depend on the efficiency of your model (Image credit: Getty)

'How much does a dishwasher cost to run?' is a question you might wonder each time you load one up. 

A dishwasher is a wonderful thing: not only does it serve as an excellent place to hide dirty dishes, they come out clean at the push of a button. Disagreements over how best to stack a dishwasher notwithstanding, these devices can be the difference between a happy life and arguments over the last clean mug.

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Dishwasher running costs (Oct 2022 to April 2023 at 34p per kWh)
Header Cell - Column 0 Full-size dishwasher (1kWh)Slimline dishwasher (0.8kWh)
Cost per cycle34p27p
Cost per week (7 cycles)£2.39£1.90
Annual cost (365 cycles)£124.10£99.28
Matilda Battersby

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