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4 Great Reasons to Choose Aluminium Bifold Doors

Bifold doors from Korniche
(Image credit: Korniche)


Glazing is a big consideration for any build project and bifold doors are no exception. They’ll take a bite out of your budget so you’ll want to pick a design and style that’s going to flood your space with natural light, look good and be secure. With so many options on the market here are four reasons to choose aluminium bifold doors.   

1. Slim Frames for Uninterrupted Views

Aluminium bifold doors are lightweight but strong. The frame profiles are slim so sight-lines are uncluttered which means more glazing so more light in and better views out. The slim profiles make them a great choice for a contemporary project or they can add a modern twist to a more traditional build.

2. It’s a Low-maintenance Option

The aluminium bifold frames are powder coated so there’s very little maintenance needed once they’re installed. Just a bit of oil to keep the hinges and track working nicely over time. Aluminium doesn’t rust or warp so it won’t discolour either.

Bifold doors from Korniche

(Image credit: Korniche)

3. It’s a Strong and Secure Composition

Although the frames are slim this doesn’t make them weak. Because aluminium is so strong, the bifold door frames can hold large panes of glass without this effecting their strength.

When it comes to security, for peace of mind look for aluminium bifold doors that comply with the PAS24 standard, which tests (and passes) the enhanced security performance of doors. Manufacturers will also specify the safety credentials of the aluminium bifold door’s locks, catches and hinges, too.

4. You Can Create a Design to Suit Your Build

Korniche Aluminium Bifolds

Following in the footsteps of the aluminium roof lantern from Korniche, Made for Trade is making the all-new Korniche aluminium bifolding door system available to homeowners. Now you can match a Korniche aluminium rooflight with a door system, all made from the same attractive composition for a cohesive look.

It’s been engineered for fast onsite installation; it has slim profiles and a reduction in visible parts for clearer sight-lines; it features stronger components to help the system withstand weather load and resist unwanted visitors and its high thermal efficiency and class leading sealing technology minimises heat transfer from outside in and vice versa.

When it comes to installing the windows and doors of your self-build, extension or renovation, then consistency of materials used can help to create a uniform aesthetic both inside and out. Aluminium as a material can be used for structural glazing, rooflights, window frames and bifold doors so you can choose the same composition for all your glazing.

And to help create a design that suits, aluminium frames are available in an array of RAL colours so you can match your aluminium bifold doors with your window frames or rooflights or pick something to complement your build materials. Alternatively, you can pick a colour that makes a bold design statement externally while keeping it white and simple on the inside.

Contact the technical experts at Korniche (opens in new tab) who will be able to advise you on the right configuration of aluminium bifold doors for your project. Call them on 01642 610799, email