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4 Design Ideas to Bring More Light into Your Home

Sliding doors from Kloeber
(Image credit: Kloeber)

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There are numerous benefits to flooding your home with natural light, from the attributed health benefits of improved mood and concentration, to the interior design benefits of spaces seeming much larger with less reliance on artificial lighting.

If you think your home could benefit from an increased hit of natural light, then take a look at these great design ideas you could encapsulate in your property.

Open Up Your Layout

Some poorly designed homes suffer from a lack of natural light in the centre of the floorplan which can be alleviated by removing some internal walls and opting for an open or broken plan layout.

But do be sure you consult a structural engineer to ensure your home remains structurally sound during and after the removal of internal walls.

Upgrade Your Doors

Timber French doors from Kloeber

Timber French doors (opens in new tab) not only bring in loads of natural light, but also create a sense of bringing the outside in (Image credit: Kloeber)

Adding a bank of floor-to-ceiling, bi-folding or sliding doors (opens in new tab) (pictured top) is a great way to not only bring in loads of natural light, but to also help create a great indoor-outdoor space (adding a real sense of wow-factor to your home).

Depending on the style of your home, a set of French doors (opens in new tab) will also help to counteract a dark room. You could also opt for a new front door that features larger panels of obscured glazing to allow light into your home while maintaining your privacy.

(MOREBi-folding doors from Kloeber (opens in new tab))

Improve Your Windows

Windows from Kloeber

Aluminium casement windows (opens in new tab) from Kloeber maximise views and light ingress (Image credit: Kloeber)

Making the most of your windows will also help to maximise the natural light coming in to your home.

As well as choosing window frames that not only complement your home’s aesthetic but maximise the amount of glass they feature, you could also consider including some fixed glazed (opens in new tab) panels in your design for spaces where you need an injection of natural light, but not necessarily a window that opens.

Internal glazing is also an option in order to borrow light from other rooms without having to commit to a fully open-plan layout.

Introduce Light from Above

Bifold doors from Kloeber

KustomFold oak bifold doors from Kloeber (opens in new tab) work with the rooflights to bathe this dining area with natural light (Image credit: Kloeber)

Once you have considered bringing in light from the side, you could consider bringing it in from above with a rooflight (opens in new tab) or roof lantern. This option will not only allow you to benefit from the maximum number of daylight hours in a day, but are also great design solutions for locations where privacy is paramount.

For more advice on how you can bring more light into your home, contact Kloeber.