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5 Things you Need to Know About Bi-Fold Doors and Roof Lanterns

[Content supplied by Korniche]

Bi-fold doors and roof lanterns are both beloved features of extenders, self builders and renovators alike for their good looks alone, but these designs also have a lot of other benefits to bring to your project when bought from a quality brand such as Korniche

Thermally efficient, easy to install, secure and low maintenance, investing in the right products for your build will pay dividends in the long run. Here’s what you need to know about bi-folds and roof lanterns before you buy, and why products from Korniche might just be the best choice for your home. 

flat roof extension with bi-fold doors and roof lantern

(Image credit: Korniche)

Large Glazing Doesn’t Have to Have Bulky Frames 

While your glazing’s frames can be a great feature of the design, in general, the slimmer the profile, the better. This means more light comes into your home and less interruption of your sightlines, especially important with bi-fold doors leading out to the garden. Choosing a quality supplier like Korniche will ensure the slimmest framing possible, as well as attention-to-detail for finishes, such as the neat corner joint details on their bi-folds. 

Bespoke Options are Always on the Table 

Quality bi-fold doors and roof lanterns are rarely available off-the-shelf, and while standard sizes are available to choose from to fit your project, there’s always the possibility to purchase them in custom sizes, so that they’re the perfect fit for your self build, extension or renovation project. 

While Korniche’s glazing is available as standard in Anthracite Grey, White and Black, there’s also the opportunity to make a statement with bespoke RAL colour matches. 

They’re Easier to Install Than you Think 

A specialist installer means a potential delay in fitting and extra cost, but when choosing a supplier such as Korniche, you’ve got peace of mind that your glazing is simple to install and well within the grasp of your builder. The Korniche Lantern just requires following the detailed Surveying and Installation guide.

Korniche’s bi-folding doors are fitted with factory-installed glazing clip-bead, making glazing easy to install without requiring a glazing gasket on site. Cutting down this installation time means less time on site, and less cost to your project. 

inside of a flat roof extension with a roof lantern and bi-fold door

(Image credit: Korniche)

Bi-fold Doors are a Secure Choice

Korniche’s bi-fold doors feature traffic and shoot-bolt hardware, all contributing to their PAS24 accreditation. This comes as standard on all Korniche Door configurations with 3 star YALE barrels and anti-back drive feature on the shoot-bolt too. 

Low Maintenance is Guaranteed 

One of the biggest advantages of aluminium frames over timber and PVCu is its low maintenance requirements. For a roof lantern on a flat roof extension, low maintenance glass is important too. Self-cleaning glass is available for Korniche roof lanterns, as well as various tints that can help reduce overheating for extensions on sunny aspects.