Taking on a self build project can be a daunting prospect, especially if you are building your own home for the first time. There is a lot to be done before you even break ground on site, from finding the plot, arranging your finance and securing planning permission.

To help, we’ve created a typical self build schedule.

Before you Start On Site:

Starting the Build – Month One

1. Clear and Peg Site

Self Build Schedule - Clearing the site

Create access then get surveys to work out levels. Clear site and peg out site as per drawings. Set up site facilities including site hut, toilet and secure lock-up.

2. Foundations

Self Build Schedule - The Foundations

Dig trenches and begin to build up the blockwork footings. Obtain necessary approval from building control and warranty inspectors.

3. Floor Structure

Self Build Schedule - The Floor Structure

Finish footings and install ground floor slab, or beam and block.

The Build – Month Two

4. Superstructure

Self Build Schedule - Superstructure

Blocks or frame used to build external walls to first floor height.

The Build – Month Three

5. Second Lift

Self Build Schedule - Second Lift

First floor structure installed, external walls continue to roof.

6. Roof

Self Build Schedule - The Roof

Walls finished, roof structure installed and covered with slate or tiles. Warranty inspection sometimes required.

The Build – Month Four

7. Weathertight

Self Build Schedule - Weathertight

Windows, doors and soffits fitted to make house weathertight. Rainwater goods and external decoration finished.

The Build – Month Five

8. First Fix

Self Build Schedule - First Fix

Electrical and plumbing runs put in place, then internal walls and stud walls built.

The Build – Months Six to Eight

9. Plastering

Self Build Schedule - Plastering

Usually a skim coat on top of plasterboard after completion of first fix.

10. Second Fix

Self Build Schedule - Second Fix UFH

Connecting up the electrics (to include sockets) and heating systems. All sanitaryware to be fitted and plumbed in.

The Build – Months Nine to Ten

11. Fixtures

Self Build Schedule - Fixture

Flooring down, joinery completed and kitchens and bathrooms installed. Decoration and tiling.

12. Snagging

First time self build project

Arrange for final inspection and prepare to move in. Builders back to deal with any issues, final exterior finishes and landscaping.

Download the Homebuilding & Renovating Self Builder’s Checklist

Once you have secured a site, sorted finance and decided on a design, the checklist helps you keep tabs on all the things you need to do before your break ground and once your project is underway.

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