The tool Garden Ninja uses to weed his lawn is on offer this Amazon Prime Day

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Whether you know him as Lee from Garden Rescue or as his online alter ego, The Garden Ninja, one thing is certain: Lee Burkhill knows a thing or two about lawns.

As we highlighted in our recent article ‘Why you should always get rid of perennial weeds before scarifying’, Lee's informative YouTube videos offer expert tips on lawn care, including how to remove weeds from your garden effortlessly.

If you're keen to follow Lee's advice, you'll want to get your hands on this affordable dandelion weeder, — which he uses to rid his lawn of perennial weeds. And there are other similar options on offer for Amazon Prime Day at the moment.

Are weeding tools worth buying? 

Weeding tools are worth the investment, particularly if you are trying to be as organic as possible with your gardening and don't fancy getting sore hands and fingers from trying (often unsuccessfully) pulling them out by hand. 

You can buy a lawn weed killer like Weedol lawn weed killer which is 10% off for Amazon Prime Day but bare in mind that this requires advance use if intending to do a job such as scarifying or mowing. Meanwhile a weed tool can be used straight away to grab perennial weeds root and all from within your lawn. They are also specially designed for precision, reducing the risk of damage to other plants and grass. 

Whichever method you choose, weed need to be removed to stop them competing with your plants for vital resources such as sunlight, water, and nutrients. Therefore, efficient weed management is essential to keep your lawn healthy.  

What are the best handheld weeding tools?

The Garden Ninja Lee Burkhill uses a weeding tool similar to the 4059NB Elements Dandelion Weeder. This handheld tool is ideal for weeding dandelions and reaching taproots. It features a hammer-finish, epoxy-coated head to prevent rusting or scratching, as well as a weatherproofed ash wood shaft, which makes it feel extra strong and durable - exactly what you want in a weeder.

To use the Elements Dandelion Weeder, push the tool straight down into the soil, as close to the centre of the weed as possible. Aim to position the taproot between the two small prongs at its tip and angle the handle down until you hear the root break. Then, simply wiggle the tool around the weed until it comes free.

Alternatively,  might also want to try the Fiskars 4-Claw Stand Up Weeder from Amazon or the ORIENTOOLS stand up weeder with foot pedal which is currently on offer. The tool's lightweight, long shaft and easy-eject design mean you don't have to reach down to rid your garden of weeds. Simply place the head over a weed, step down on the foot platform, and the four serrated, stainless-steel claws will grab the weed by the root for clean removal. 

A man on a garden lawn holds up a dandelion weeder tool

Lee Burkhill demonstrates the best handheld weeding tool for the job.  (Image credit: The Garden Ninja)

Other helpful weeding tools to consider

In addition to classic handheld weeding tools, there are several other garden tools that you may find useful for maintaining a weed-free lawn. 

When dealing with stubborn or deep-rooted weeds, an electric weed burner could be useful. Using controlled heat, these tools shrivel up the weeds, making them easier to remove. 

A simple garden rake will also come in handy for gathering and removing piles of pulled weeds. Make sure you have a sturdy garden cart or wheelbarrow on hand to transport any garden debris away from your lawn. 

A handheld weeding tool removing a dandelion from a lawn

To use a handheld dandelion weeder, push the tool down into the soil, staying as close to the centre of the weed as possible. (Image credit: Getty Images)

Spear & Jackson 4059NB Elements Dandelion Weeder |£8

This simple hand weed tool has an ash handle and epoxy metal to prevent rusting


ORIENTOOLS Weeder Tool Weed Puller with Stainless 4 Claws and Foot Pedal | WAS £31.99 NOW £27.19

Made with steel this weed tool is ideal for standing up while weeding to avoid bending over

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