Survey Reveals the Most Popular DIY Task Homeowners Wish They Could Do

Tiling a roof
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Replacing roof tiles is the DIY task that homeowners most wish they could do, new research shows. surveyed 1,828 people who attempted various DIY jobs during lockdown, and asked them which DIY skills they most wish they had.

According to the survey, homeowners have been brushing up on their DIY knowledge during lockdown, especially those renovating a house or making home improvements, and many also wish their skill sets were wider. 

A total of 81% said they wish they could replace their own tiles but found that, given the physically demanding nature and safety concerns associated with working on the roof, it was a task best left to the professionals. 

The researchers then compared the mentioned DIY tasks with the approximate views of the relevant how to videos on YouTube. 

Video guides for replacing roof tiles received approximately 2,342,000 views, the lowest number of the top 10 DIY tasks people wished they could do.

The most-searched how video tutorial on YouTube was how to lay hardwood/laminate or vinyl flooring, which received a staggering 34.2m views (52% of respondents wished they could do this task).

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Which Other DIY Skills do People Want?

The next most popular DIY skills people wished they had were: 

  • 75% wanted to know how to carry out plumbing tasks - including how to deal with heavy pipes, water supply lines, burst pipes and water damage
  • 69% wanted to learn how to pave a driveway
  • 64% wanted to know about window installation, and the processes involved such as weather stripping, gaskets and caulking
  • 58% wanted to learn about bricklaying
  • 47% were interested in learning how to do plastering (47%)
  • 43% wanted to learn how to fit decking in their garden. 

Commenting on the research, Robby Du Toit, managing director of, said: “DIY has seen an unprecedented boom during lockdown. The spare time has afforded people the ability to explore the parts of the home they would like to revamp and consequently, taken the necessary steps to make that happen on their own. 

"But in doing so, have concluded they don’t have all the necessary expertise or experience to do up certain bits of their home.”

While DIY can be a budget-smart option when undertaking home improvements, if you are in any doubt about your skill set or ability to complete the task effectively, then it is best to leave it to a professional.

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