Deciding which smart products to use in your home can be a bit overwhelming. There’s so much choice, regular device updates and next generations of products, and of course you have to be able to accommodate devices within your budget. 

But with National Smart Home Month raising awareness of how to transform your home, now is an exciting time to be looking into smart home devices. 

In September, Amazon’s 2019 hardware launch event revealed a variety of home-enhancing smart items, and spending on smart home tech is set to surge as more and more products become available. 

There are several smart home tech products launching in the next few months; this is what you can expect to see in the market.

Amazon Echo Flex

Echo Flex

Amazon’s Echo Flex is the company’s first wireless Alexa device. Image: TechRadar

Price: £24.99

Available in the UK from: 14 November, 2019

Available for pre-order?: Yes

What does it do? The Amazon Echo Flex is Amazon’s first wireless Alexa device. What does this mean? Well, wherever there’s a plug socket, you can use Alexa; it’s simple and very, very clever – so much so that it’s almost surprising the Echo Flex hasn’t been released sooner. The device comprises a smart plug/smart speaker combo that plugs into any outlet in your home, enabling Alexa’s functionality in any spot you desire. This means that you can control the devices in your home – using your voice – from anywhere there’s a plug socket.

Ring Indoor Cam

Price: £49

Available in the UK from: Early 2020

Available for pre-order?: No

What does it do? Ring’s first indoor-only camera is perfect for those looking to buy a home safety system that doesn’t break the bank. Ring’s cheapest security camera yet – which is optimal for ensuring peace of mind during summer holidays – will be available in Europe from early next year, with 1080p, HD video and motion-activated recording amongst its features. 

Ring Stick Up Cam (Next-Generation)

Stick up camThe previous generation of the Ring Stick Up Cam – the next-gen includes motion detection that alerts you via your smartphone when activated. Image: TechRadar

Price: £89

Available in the UK from: 23 October

Available for pre-order?: Yes

What does it do? The next-gen Ring Stick Up Cam comes in three versions: battery powered, wired or solar powered (solar costs £129). It’s suitable for indoor and outdoor use, comes with motion-sensor built in and like the Ring Indoor Cam can record in 1080p. One of the particularly impressive new features of this next-gen security camera is that the motion detection will alert you via your smartphone when activated. It also has two-walk talk so you can converse with delivery staff when you’re not there. The Ring app is available for iOS, Android, Windows 10 and Mac. 

Google Nest Wifi

Price: TBC

Available in the UK from: TBC

Available for pre-order?: TBC

What does it do? While there has been no formal announcement for the Google Nest Wifi, it is widely expected to be announced at Google’s Hardware Event 2019 on 15 October. Rumoured to be the successor to the Google Wifi 2, it is expected that the device will pair a single new hub routers with two ‘beacons’ – these will double as Google Assistant smart speakers. Users will reportedly be able to control Wi-Fi networks via voice commands, and be able to pause the internet for chosen rooms or devices. We’ll be keeping our eyes open for this at Google’s hardware event next week. 

Amazon Echo Dot with Clock

Echo Dot with clockThe Echo Dot with clock is available for pre-order. Image: TechRadar

Price: £59,99

Available in the UK from: 16 October, 2019

Available for pre-order?: Yes

What does it do? The third-generation of the Echo Dot does what it says on the tin: it offers a much-needed clock function. As Tech Radar reported earlier this year, the most commonly-made request of Amazon’s Alexa-enabled smart speaker is ‘What’s the time?’ This was a logical next step for Amazon; the Echo Dot now has its own built-in timepiece, and it’s one of the most more affordable smart speakers on the market.

Amazon Echo (3rd Generation)

Price: £89.99

Available in the UK from: 16 October, 2019

Available for pre-order?: Yes

What does it do? Okay, so the updates to the Echo aren’t exactly monumental, but they’re still very cool. The most recent iteration of the Amazon Echo will be available in November, and it offers the revamped sound architecture taken from the existing Echo Plus. One of the things you look for in a sound speaker is, of course, good sound, and the Echo Plus is leading the way, offering better sound quality for the same price. It also comes with a new fabric design, including the gorgeous Twilight Blue.

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