‘Neglected’ Home in Need of Renovation to go on Sale for £60,000

Neglected bathroom in two-bed house for sale
(Image credit: Rightmove)

A two-bed house in Leeds “in need of a complete refurbishment” is set to go on sale next month for just £60,000.

Despite house prices continuing to hit record highs and with average asking prices £27,000 higher than this time last year, there are still some bargains to be found for those buying before renovating a house

However, the term ‘bargain’ may be a little strong when you examine Rightmove’s listed photographs of the property, which is piled high with rubbish and in need of mould scrubbing off the walls. 

Describing the Oban Street property in Armley, Rightmove says: “This two-bedroom, back-to-back terrace has been neglected in recent times, is now in need of a complete refurbishment and is sure to appeal to [those] in the market seeking an affordable project.”

Bidding will begin on Wednesday 11 May at 12:00 and interested parties can sign up now with Auction House to access a fast-track system for registering a bid. 

Neglected kitchen in two-bed house for sale

(Image credit: Rightmove)

What’s Inside?

There’s undeniably a lot of work to do to restore this house into something that can be safely inhabited, and while the attached images are alarming, the property certainly has potential. 

There’s a living room and kitchen on the ground floor, with two bedrooms and a bathroom on the first floor and even a cellar. Plus, location is everything, after all, and the property is only 2.4 miles away from Leeds city centre. 

If you’re looking for a new renovation challenge then this property certainly fits the bill. We’d just recommend bringing a torch for your safety when viewing the cellar, and make sure you check out this first-time buyer’s impressive renovation of a similarly neglected terraced house. 

Take a tour of the property here.

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