Fill in This Self Build Survey and You Could Win a £100 John Lewis Voucher

Fill in This Self Build Survey and You Could Win a £100 John Lewis Voucher
(Image credit: NaCSBA)

If you’ve built your own home in the last five years then you could win a £100 John Lewis voucher by filling in a quick survey.

The National Custom and Self Build Association (NaCSBA) is collecting information to help the government make self build an attractive, affordable option for more people. And it needs your help.

NaCSBA is running its 2022 Survey of Self Build Homes Built in the Last Five Years, which it says is a crucial piece of evidence to demonstrate people’s choices and preferences in the sector.

The government has raised concerns about the lack of data on self build in the UK, and the information collected from the survey will be used to advance policy-making within the sector. 

Who is Eligible to Participate?

Anyone who has completed a self build or conversion in the last five years can participate, and therefore be eligible to win a voucher - which will be sent to five respondents at random. 

Not only will you be entering the draw which a chance to win a voucher, but you will also be supporting the custom and self build sector – and thereby helping more people have the opportunity to build their dream homes. 

You can fill the survey in here (which should take around 10 minutes).

Jack Woodfield
News Editor

Jack has worked in journalism for 11 years and is the News Editor for Homebuilding & Renovating, a role he has had since 2019. He strives to break the most relevant and beneficial stories for self builders, extenders and renovators, including the latest news on the construction materials shortage and hydrogen heating. In 2021 he appeared on BBC's The World at One to discuss the government's planning reforms. 

He enjoys testing new tools and gadgets, and having bought his first home in 2013, he has renovated every room and recently finished a garden renovation.