Brilliant deals on home security products to keep your home safe

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Whether you're self building, renovating or extending, good home security should be a priority in order to keep your new home and your belongings safe. Don't view home security as an afterthought — plan it in from the off with the rest of your smart home technology. 

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eufyCam 2C Wireless Home Security Camera SystemRRP £259.99 NOW £149.99

eufyCam 2C Wireless Home Security Camera System | RRP £259.99 NOW £149.99

The eufyCam 2C covers all your security concerns in one handy package, with no hidden, costly extras needed - making the Amazon Prime Day saving of 42% ever more impressive.

First things first, what are you getting for your money? Included for the price are two cameras, a HomeBase, mount, micro USB charging cable, AC power adapter, ethernet cable and user manual.

The system is completely wireless can so can be positioned pretty much anywhere, lasts 180 days on a single charge, has a 135° wide-angle lens for a panoramic view and allows you to both live-stream and record footage in 1080p HD.

It also allows you to speak directly to anyone approaching your door, has a built-in spotlight and can be easily integrated with your other smart home tech, including Amazon Alexa

Oh, and the fact that it has human detection technology means you will only get alerted to a human presence — not every time a cat or hedgehog wanders on by. 

Bosch Smart Home Door/Window ContactNOW £16.91 

Bosch Smart Home Door/Window Contact |NOW £16.91 

Not only can this clever little device ensure your home is kept warm and toasty, it can also alert you to the fact that your windows and doors have been opened.

This handy gadget will not only detect when doors or windows are opened and report it to your smartphone via the Smart Home App, but, if a door is opened, you will immediately receive a notification. The door opening will trigger your Bosch Smoke Detector to signal the intruder alarm via the Smart Home Controller. 

Should you be at home when a window is opened, the Door/Window Contact will trigger the Radiator Thermostat to turn the heating off — no more wasting energy. 

Ring Door View CamNOW £119

Ring Door View Cam |  NOW £119

The smart video doorbell not only looks great, but it also allows you to see who is at the door using HD video, has a two-way talk function and gives you motion-activated notifications when someone comes knocking. 

It can be installed in minutes, works with Alexa, and sends you real-time notifications direct to your phone - simply install it where you door's peephole used to be. 

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