I learnt a big lesson with the kitchen design process. Note to self: pay an architect for precise measurements. As it turned out, as I saved money with my building doing the plans for my building application, the space in the loft area wasn’t represented accurately in the plans, so the kitchen designs I had drawn up a year previously (!) in a bid to save time during the actual build, didn’t actually fit. Back to the drawing board during the busy phase… and hello to new negotiations with John to fit the washing machine under the stairs instead of in the kitchen space.

Never before have I woken up thinking about kitchen designs in the middle of the night. Below is the paper evidence of the designs, redesigns and further redesigns.

kitchen design drawings

In the end it all paid off and my beautiful kitchen was installed. It is mostly comprised of base units because of the sloping walls can’t accommodate wall units, with an extraction hood and the boiler concealed in the wall-mounted cupboards.

corner of a loft conversion with skylights

Fitting base units might have meant that I couldn’t access all that under eaves space, which as anyone with a loft knows, creates a valuable storage area. To remedy this we developed a solution which is probably the thing I am most proud of in our kitchen — the moveable drawer unit.

base units for kitchen with moveable base unit

John was brilliant at following my design to the millimetre! Precision measurements are needed on this. We fitted the 900mm-wide draw unit on castors so that it can be pulled out and you can access all the eaves storage. The draw unit pulls out easily with little handles inside it, so when it’s pushed back into place, you’d never know it can move. It’s my biggest design achievement.

It was really important to me that the kitchen be at this end of the loft space, as I wanted the lounge area to be next to the roof terrace. In warmer weather, with the bi-fold doors open, it will create a sense of one continuous relaxing space.

removeable base unit in loft conversion kitchen
access to under eaves loft space under kitchen cabinets

Ta-da! Look at all that easy-to-access under-eaves storage space.

Jo DysonAbout the Author

Jo is a serial property renovator, relishing the challenge of taking a tired, lack-lustre property and realising its potential. Growing up under the wing of a property renovator father, Jo’s first experience of DIY was with her Fisher Price toolkit as a four year old. Now with six property renovations under her belt Jo has learnt how to project manage, fund, develop a property on a budget and, through clever design, turn the undesirable, into the desirable.

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