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What Type of Threshold Should I Choose for my Bifold Doors?

Bifold doors from Origin
(Image credit: Origin)


Bifold doors are a popular choice for those wanting to create a wow-factor indoor outdoor space in their home. These doors are a great way to flood a room with natural light and provide great views of the surrounding landscape, but there is a lot to be considered to ensure you are satisfied with your installation.

One of the main considerations is your choice of threshold.

What is a Threshold?

A threshold is the track which guides the movement of your bifold doors. There are two types of threshold – weathered and non-weathered.

A weathered threshold features a small solid lip on one side of the track, while a non-weathered threshold will sit flush with the floor.

Bifold doors from Origin

A weathered threshold is the best option for external bifold doors as it will ensure your doorset remains wind and weathertight (Image credit: Origin)

Which Threshold Should I Choose?

Non-weathered thresholds are great options for internal bifolds or exterior doors that are sheltered from the elements, as they sit completely flush with the floor.

From a decor point of view, this helps to ensure that interior spaces seem cohesive, but from a more functional point of view, it eliminates any trip hazard and ensures the home is fully accessible to those with mobility concerns.

Bifold doors from Origin

Bifold doors are a great way to flood your home with natural light and make the most of your views (Image credit: Origin)

It is a good idea to opt for a weathered threshold for exterior bifold doors as the raised lip will ensure that the doors are both wind and watertight, preventing any water ingress or leaks.

Tips for Creating a Great Indoor Outdoor Space

If a non-weathered threshold isn’t the right option for your external bifold doors, then you can still create a wow-factor indoor outdoor space with the following tips:

  • Bringing in light from different directions with the addition of a skylight or bifold doors will create the illusion of being outdoors while also being protected from the often unpredictable British weather
  • Choose the same floor finish inside and out. This will make the space appear seamless. The key is to choose a material that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications
  • Use plants from the garden inside your home, or choose garden furniture that complements your indoor furniture – this works to trick the mind that both areas are part of the same space.

For more information on which threshold is right for your project, contact Origin (opens in new tab).