How to get planning permission on a greenfield plot

greenbelt plot
(Image credit: Future/Polly Eltes)

There is a reason people are so keen to build on greenfield sites. The allure of building a dream home on a spacious, untouched piece of land has always captured the imagination for many. 

However, the journey from vision to reality, particularly when it comes to greenfield sites, involves intricate steps and a deep understanding of the planning permission process.

Simon Rix
Simon Rix

Is a professional planning consultant and runs Planix.UK Planning Consultants Ltd.

Simon Rix

Simon Rix is a professional planning consultant, who began his career working in local government in the 1990s. He was a council officer and later an elected councillor, so he knows how the planning system works from both sides. He went on to set up Planix.UK Planning Consultants Ltd; a consultancy company that advises self builders, home extenders and those taking on small to medium-sized building projects on planning permission.