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4 Benefits of Installing Sliding Door Systems into Your Smart Home

4 Benefits of Installing Sliding Door Systems into Your Smart Home
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Self building or renovating a home comes with challenges, but installing smart technology can help you create a smart environment that makes your life more comfortable. And this extends to your choice of sliding doors.

Sliding and bi-fold doors can help open up a house and fill it with natural light, helping you make the most of your space, and ensuring your doors and windows feature up-to-date technology should be a vital consideration.

Adding large expanses of glazing becomes much easier when it’s part of a future proofed home and opting for windows or sliding doors with automated technology can have significant benefits for enhancing your smart home. 

1. They add convenience

Convenience is a cornerstone of any good smart home, and installing automated sliding doors means they can be opened at the touch of a button.

Some entrance doors can even be controlled by an app or Bluetooth, which is handy for all members of the family, particularly those who may have limited mobility. 

2. They add security

Electric locks and automatic doors help to add security and keep you safe, removing unnecessary stress. And some sliding doors and windows provide further protective measures. 

Look out for products offering increased burglar resistance, which use modular security to lock a window at multiple points. 

You can also find windows with finger-trap protection, a setting which automatically reopens the window if any kind of obstruction is encountered when it closes - a very handy feature for families with small children. 

Schüco sliding doors

(Image credit: Schüco)

3. They add efficiency

As the urgency to make our homes more sustainable intensifies, sliding doors and windows that offer high thermal performance and energy-efficient features are a great choice for your smart home. 

Certain lift-and-slide doors offer impressive weathertightness meaning they can keep draughts, wind and rain from entering your home.

4. They can lower your energy bills

Some automated window systems offer electronic ventilation, such as night-time cooling, which effectively reduces your energy costs. 

Night-time cooling, for example, can be found in electrically-operated windows that allows natural air conditioning while saving valuable energy used in air conditioning, without adding any additional costs. 

Schüco offers high-quality windows, bi-fold and sliding doors, as well as bespoke glazing solutions with excellent thermal insulation values and varied design options, including several different profile colours and finishes.