Create a seamless design

The number one desire for modern homes is to ensure a polished and luxurious appearance. Integrated fires provide a thoroughly modern and well-considered finish that would update any room. Stunning and uncluttered, inset fires can also provide a cosiness to a room without detracting from the overarching design.  

contemporary fireplace in open plan kitchen

The E-Line range by VisionFires mix traditional skills with modern methods to create inset, panoramic and corner models that can create a wow factor in snug rooms and open-plan spaces

Unrestricted views

In contemporary homes it is sometimes challenging to evoke a tranquil and cosy atmosphere. The panoramic models are carefully crafted with attention to detail and are a spectacular addition without overwhelming the space entirely. The three glass sides offer unrestricted views, a sleek finish and also fire up at a simple touch of a button.

modern fireplace in living room

VisionFires have combined 65 years of experience to create the E-Line range, making sure their product is of the highest quality

Make it your own 

Modern homes are all about personalisation, so why would such a major feature, like a fireplace, be treated any differently? Every home is different so tailor the design of the fireplace to your own unique style for best results. 

inset fire modern

The modular components of the E-Line allow homeowners to mix and match design elements for a bespoke and individual design

Achieving wow factor

The broken-plan space is an ideal way of incorporating open plan elements but demarcating zones for privacy or cosiness. Make a statement or get a little creative and zone an open-plan area with a freestanding unit that not only belongs in your interior design, but elevates it. Alternatively, seek products with hidden chimneys or mechanical workings and create a feature wall to impress visitors.

The E-Line range from VisionFires proves that a fireplace can be a design element in its own right 

Stay up to date with smart fire technology

Electric fires are a fantastic way to keep the cosy feel in a house in an efficient way. For the best addition to your home, be sure to check the technology used in a product won’t date quickly. Newer electric fires come with high definition logs as well as LED flame effects thermostatic control, timed operation abilities and a remote control. 

modern fireplace

All of the E-Line range has stylish modulated LED under and above the fuel bed for a truly immersive experience 

See all of the Vision E-Line range by requesting a brochure, visit the VisionFire website or find a retailer near you. 

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