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Four Reasons to Give DIY Plumbing a Try

DIY advice from Plumb Doctor Live
(Image credit: Plumb Doctor Live)


From leaky taps to broken radiators, getting stuck into common plumbing issues on a DIY basis could save homeowners in the UK hundreds of pounds and countless hours waiting on calling in professional plumbers for simple tasks. 

With the help of modern technology, utilising YouTube tutorials, comprehensive online how-to guides and even video-calling with experts to help walk-through issues, homeowners are able to learn how to empower themselves with DIY knowledge like never before. 

Learn Skills From Professionals

Less than 50% of homeowners under 40 feel confident fixing problems around the house, despite a plethora of information at their fingertips but apps like Plumb Doctor Live offer the opportunity to learn from professionals using video calls. Their experts talk directly to homeowners through fixing issues, answering any questions and enabling future independent solutions.

DIY advice from Plumb Doctor Live

Where Plumb Doctor Live (opens in new tab) can’t help with a problem, they will provide a full diagnostic report, with a list of parts needed and expected labour costs. With a flat fee of £15, Plumb Doctor Live offers instant and impartial advice, diagnoses and fixes.  (Image credit: Plumb Doctor Live)

Save Money

Whether trying to renovate on a budget or just sick of getting ripped off by tradespeople for simple jobs, learning how to complete plumbing jobs single-handedly could save hundreds of pounds. Fixing a leaky tap for instance, only takes a wrench and a couple of minutes of your time but in 2019, plumbing call-outs cost homeowners in the UK an average of £100-£120 per hour; definitely a cost that can be easily decreased by only calling in dire circumstances.

Don’t Spend All Day Waiting

Plumbers are one of the most in-demand tradespeople and getting an appointment which fits into their schedule can be tricky, so homeowners are left wasting their own time waiting. Learning the best way to fix a radiator or low water pressure yourself will not only provide a sense of achievement, but also means you can get on with other tasks, slowly gaining confidence in other abilities. 

DIY advice from Plumb Doctor Live

Plumb Doctor Live (opens in new tab) enables homeowners to organise a video call at a time which suits them, rather than being at the discretion of a tradesperson (Image credit: Plumb Doctor Live)

Save the Planet (and Yourself)

By minimising face-to-face call outs for simpler tasks, fixing rather than buying new, and learning how to complete simple tasks on a DIY basis will all help to reduce the carbon footprint of a project. Also, in light of the recent Covid-19 lockdown and social distancing measure, limiting unnecessary interactions in any household is something to be seriously considered; by having experts teach virtually or researching online, the risk to both parties is drastically reduced. 

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