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DIYers Guide to Installing Resin Bound Paving

Resin bound paving from SureSet
(Image credit: SureSet)


Resin bound paving has many benefits as a paving option in and around your home.

As the resin and aggregate are fully combined during the mixing process, resin bound paving offers no loose stone as well as being:

  • permeable
  • durable
  • UV stable
  • low maintenance

Resin bound paving is also fully SuDS compliant and can be installed without the need for planning permission (thanks to its permeability). The lack of loose stone also means that resin bound paving is a great solution for those looking to improve accessibility around their home.

These characteristics make resin bound paving a suitable solution for external applications such as driveways, pathways, patios and pool surrounds.

Interior options are also available in a range of colours and textures to not only offer great style, but to also enable homeowners to create much sought-after indoor outdoor spaces. By choosing the same flooring for your indoor and outdoor areas, it will seem like one cohesive space.

This can not only help you home to feel bigger and brighter, but can also create real wow-factor. 

Resin bound paving from SureSet

All SureSet resin bound paving products are available in a range of aggregates (Image credit: SureSet)

Suitable Bases

SureCell: The Alternative

As an alternative to more conventional sub bases, SureSet offers a fully permeable subbase called SureCell (opens in new tab). This is a recycled plastic grid structure that is quick and easy to install requiring no specialist tools. Once infilled with compacted aggregate, it forms a strong, high load bearing surface on which to install your resin bound paving. 

Resin bound paving is typically installed at 18mm – 24mm for most applications, so it is important to ensure the subbase is suitable to withstand the expected level of traffic. 

For driveways, you should ensure that your existing asphalt or concrete base is in a good condition. If not, then it is best to construct a new base that will withstand the weight of the expected vehicles.

For pathways and patios, you will also need to ensure you have a suitable base. Once that is in place, you can choose your resin bound patio paving from a range of colours and textures to create the perfect look in your garden. 


If you are looking to install your own resin bound paving, then you should look for self install kits. These kits are great for residential applications and come with the equipment you will need to mix the product properly.

You may need a trowel to smooth, compact and finish the surface and some White Spirit to lubricate the hand float.