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3 Ways to Make the Most of Adding Electric Vehicle Charging at Home

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With it looking likely that electric vehicle (EV) charging points will be mandatory features in all new-build homes in the coming years, here are some great ways to ensure it is a cost-effective addition to your self-build or renovation project. 

 1. Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

With larger cities such as Birmingham, Leeds and Liverpool opting for Clean Air Zones and with climate concerns becoming more and more influential in today’s consumer market, EVs will soon be on par for the course. Be sure to swap to greener power suppliers who utilise renewable technology to produce the energy for your EV charging point — giving you power to go on adventures with a guilt-free conscience! is a free to use app, downloadable from the Google Play and Apple App store anywhere in the world.  (Image credit: Getty Images)

2. Save Money With Off-peak Charging

Take advantage of off-peak price reductions to ensure cost-effective charging as the difference can be dramatic. For instance, the average daily price for electricity in the UK is 20.3p/kWh but if homeowners use an app to control when an EV is charged, for instance between 12am and 4am, rates drop to around 4p/kWh with E.On Next Drive’s off-peak charging option can save homeowners £150* on their energy bills per year by taking advantage of lower rates.  (Image credit: Getty Images)

3. Charge a Car with a Solar Panel Array

100 Miles Free!

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Download before 20th August and get 100 miles cash-back by using code GC2021**. Find out more at or follow them on social media: 

Facebook: /evdotenergy

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LinkedIn: /evdotenergy

Now seen up and down the UK, solar panels are one of the most popular forms of renewable energy sources for self-build and renovations alike, and with solar panels decreasing in price by 89% in the last decade, we’re sure this trend will continue in the future. 

But, with recent developments, solar panels can now do more than just heat and provide energy to your home, they can also help charge your EV, saving you time and money — not to mention the planet! 

Apps like’s Home Solar feature links a solar array and doesn’t require any special hardware or installation. Users simply plug in the car and let the software calculate how sunny it is and when best to utilise the energy generated.’s Smart Charging functionality will automatically work out if the day has produced enough sun to charge a vehicle and can top it up by taking advantage of the cheapest and greenest tariffs.  (Image credit: Getty Images)

*If you are on a variable rate energy tariff, enabling Smart Charging allows to analyse the UK Grids energy demand forecasts and carbon intensity forecast to optimise charging of your EV. Using’s technology will automatically charge during off-peak and the lowest cost hours when the demand for energy is low to help you save money. Customers on a Time-of-Use plan have been able to save up to £150 a year off their energy bill.

**The 100 free miles is calculated on an average consumption rate of 15p/kWh. Once the smart charge is complete, the user will be notified their reward of £15 cash equivalent voucher is ready to claim from’s pre-paid voucher partner, Hawk Select, within 30 days. If the reward is not claimed within the first 3 months since downloading the app, the cashback equivalent offer will be void. A user must download the app, complete their profile, and smart charge their vehicle once to be eligible. is compatible with a select number of chargers and smart vehicles, on which you can find more information here.