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5 Benefits of Home Air Conditioning Units

air conditioning unit
(Image credit: Mitsubishi Electric)

Content provided by Mitsubishi Electric

There’s no doubt that the weather is always a hot topic of conversation in the UK as is its impact on our homes.  

Periods of intense heat can quickly shift to a fresh, cooler climate making it difficult to keep converted lofts, basements and other living spaces comfortable. And as more of us than ever before are working from home, a comfortable environment all year round is now essential.

Here's how an air conditioning unit can help...

1. Ideal for Cooling and Heating

Mitsubishi Electric’s M Series air conditioning units don’t just cool a room, they can also heat it. The units keep rooms at a constant ambient temperature throughout the day and through the seasons.

Ideal for hot areas, such as large glass-sided rooms, conservatories and gyms, air conditioners ensure every space stays at an optimum temperature all year round thanks to a cool gentle breeze or a boost of warmth. 

2. Energy Efficient and Quiet

Creating the perfect working and sleeping atmosphere, the M Series air conditioning units are surprisingly quiet and energy efficient, delivering up to A+++ energy efficiencies. They have consistent, low noise levels, providing constant comfort, day and night.

air conditioning unit

Mitsubishi Electric has created the M Series air conditioning unit range for homeowners. The Premium and Zen Series have good filtration systems which will filter out allergens and pollutants providing excellent air quality throughout your home.  (Image credit: Mitsubishi Electric)

3. Fresher Air Indoors

These air conditioning units can filter the air to provide cleaner, fresher air inside your home. Offering state-of-the-art filtration, the units can neutralise pollutants such as pollen, dust, pet fur, mould, viruses, bacteria and other microscopic irritants down to PM2.5, improving indoor air quality for the whole household. 

4. Floor or Wall Mounted Designs

You can choose streamlined models that can be wall or floor mounted to fit in with your decor. The M Series Premium range is available in a variety of colours, like Ruby Red and Onyx Black, too. 

To help homeowners choose the perfect wall or floor mounted unit, Mitsubishi Electric has developed the MEView3d app which lets you see the units in situ.

5. Low-cost Cooling

There is an air conditioning unit for almost all budgets. Low power consumption equals lower running costs with models that are easy to operate, are Wi-Fi enabled and compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

To find out more about its range of home air conditioning units, visit the Mitsubishi Electric website (opens in new tab).