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The owner of a 1901 stone terrace house can now remove and repaint her windows herself thanks to a successful renovation project by timber sash window specialists Ventrolla.

Harrogate resident Jan Warhurst was fed up that every time she got the decorators in they painted over the sashes and got them stuck. So when she decided to have the original sash windows renovated and refurbished at the three-bedroom property, ease of maintenance was a real consideration. She has lived in the house for 22 years and wanted to keep the original 100-year-old sash windows.

Her research led her to Ventrolla who surveyed the property and carried out the work in three phases to help spread the cost. The ground floor sitting room window was renovated in 2009, followed by two rear windows in 2012 and this year two sliding sash windows in the bedroom and bathroom were renewed.

Do you love the original charm and heritage innate in your wooden sash windows but hate the draughts, rattles, rot and heat loss that can also be part and parcel with an older property?

Maintaining the traditional features of your timber sash windows used to mean compromising on comfort. But not with Ventrolla. Their unique sash window renovation and performance upgrade service makes problems associated with old sash windows, such as draughts, rattles, rot and operational issues, a thing of the past, allowing you to enjoy your traditional wooden sash windows, regardless of the weather outside, and reduce your energy costs at the same time.

Through their national network of craftsmen Ventrolla have established themselves as the market leader in timber sash window and casement renovation & repair, offering a guaranteed and unique service.

For a FREE no-obligation survey and quotation call 0800 378 278 or visit the website.

Proud to exhibit at the Homebuilding & Renovating Shows. Traditional timber sash windows are an essential feature of a period building’s character. It is, therefore, vital to retain them; not only because of the aesthetic appeal, but also because sash windows make your property much more valuable financially.