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Get in the Zone

By using smart radiator thermostats, you can turn every room in your home into an individual heating zone. This gives you the flexibility to create unique heating schedules to suit how each room is used and when.

For example, you can set the living room temperature to a comfortable 20°C in the evening when you’re relaxing in front of the TV, or reduce bedroom temperatures at 10pm, ready for sleeping.

Old Meets New

If you’ve extended your home, you’re likely to have different levels of insulation throughout the property, which means that new rooms can often feel warmer and existing rooms can feel chilly in comparison. By fitting smart radiator thermostats, you can control the heating in each individual room, and also have the freedom to give the heating a temporary boost in rooms that are draughty.

Safer Sleeping for Little Ones

It’s important to control room temperatures where babies and young children are sleeping, but how can you view and adjust the heating within a child’s nursery? Fitting a smart app-controlled radiator thermostat will allow you to set a unique heating schedule for the nursery and allow you to monitor the temperature from your mobile phone for peace of mind.

Spare the Energy

Heating empty spare rooms wastes energy and money, so investing in room-to-room heating will help you keep control of your energy bills. You control your water tap-to-tap and your lighting switch-to-switch, so it makes sense to manage your heating in just the same way.

Futureproofing your Home

If you think your home or family might grow in the future, it’s nice to know that you can adapt your heating system accordingly. The latest smart wireless heating control systems are buildable, so you can add radiator thermostats to new rooms, as and when you need to.

Watch this video story to discover how one growing family is enjoying the benefits of room-to-room heating this winter with Wiser, the latest innovation from trusted British heating experts Drayton, by Schneider Electric. Wiser allows you to create up to 16 individual heating zones, all controlled via a handy app and smart voice assistants including Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant.

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