Hello, as per the Q above, I am trying to establish exactly which walls are structural in our maisonnette.

We are the leasholders and keen to change some walls about to improve the spaces but the local council is the freeholder and has blanket policy of not changing structural walls. I imagine all the perimeter are structural as they seem to be 2 course brick.

Most of the inner walls are single course but given that all the walls are brick and our neighbour above has pretty much the same layout, it’s hard to get an idea which are non-structural, if any.

Any insights greatly appreciated!

  • Mark Brinkley

    If in doubt, assume it’s structural. You are correct in assuming that external walls are always structural – which translates roughly as load-bearing. Generally brick or masonry internal walls tend to be loadbearing as well. Indeed if your neighbour above has the same layout, the internal walls may be common to both flats in which case they would be structural. You can only really tell by knowing how the loadings work which may involve removing the ceiling to see which way the joists run and whether the walls above rest on your walls.

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