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Showers have come a long way in their long and illustrative history; from simple ancient structures to technology packed contraptions, they have morphed and developed until the range of styles now available far exceeds the simple boxy showers of days gone by.

In terms of design there are a myriad of options out there, but here lies the dilemma. Which one is right for you? The huge choice can make it hard to pick one you actually need and will be the most useful to you. On the positive side it means that there’s something out there for everyone, it’s just finding that special something that’s the problem!

The bathroom could be considered the second most important room in the home, behind the kitchen (because, you know, food!), so we really want to put as much effort as possible into providing a functional yet comfortable space to relax in. A decent shower enclosure goes a long way to attaining this ideal, so it’s important to take some time when you’re selecting the right one. Here we’ve put together the different types and what you can expect from them, which will hopefully give you some idea as to what you should have installed and why.

The Choice is yours… Kind Of!

You can’t just run out and buy the first shower enclosure that catches your eye, as easy as that would be. Rush into it and you’ll soon find yourself in a situation where it won’t fit, it looks horrible in regards to your décor or it’s a more cheaply made than you first realised. Remember that you’re not just going for looks when you’re on your hunt; an attractive product is useless if it doesn’t do its intended job properly. It’s not always an easy task to choose the right one to suit your needs and your taste, but by doing the research first you’ll be a lot better equipped for when you do start your journey.

Key issues to consider on your search are your budget and the amount of space you have in your bathroom (remember that when you’re looking for a new shower screen you will need to take very accurate measurements). That enclosure you found may look great and do everything you want; but isn’t it a little out of your price range? On the other hand, you could purchase one, get it home, and find out that the door whacks into your sink every time you open it. Again, research here is a key component. Going in without knowing measurements or knowing how much you’ve got to spend is tantamount to throwing your money in a river. Figure out if the enclosure is going to be suitable for the entire family too, especially if you’ve got younger kids.

What’s On Offer?

Like we said before, there’s something for everyone in the world of showers, but why exactly should you buy a particular enclosure? What will it offer to your bathroom? Below we’ve gone through the most common types and explained just how they apply to different personal layouts.

  • Basic shower cubicle with doors: Most ordinary households opt for a version of the classic shower cubicle with doors. They can be purchased to fit into odd corners or just about any awkward space. The enclosures for them generally take the shape of a single hinged door, but many people prefer to opt for a sliding or even a bi-fold door for their cubicle. A lot depends on taste and budget, but a door is a good idea for smaller bathrooms as you will benefit from the warmth which they provide inside, as well as the protection offered in terms of keeping splashes at bay.
  • Quadrant: This is a stylish and space saving option. You’ll get a contemporary look, fuss-free and easy to clean product; so it’s a great choice for anyone who has a smaller bathroom and a penchant for the modern look.
  • Walk in shower: A walk in shower is a must for some people because they offer far more space for the occupant – plus they have the added advantage of looking great! Often, walk in showers are longer than they are wide and their enclosing walls tend to be open at either end to allow for air flow. This a luxurious option if you have enough space in your bathroom.
  • Wet room shower screens: These are a simple glass wall which is installed directly onto your tiled floor, completing the superb look of a wet room. They protect the larger part of the room from splashes as well as keeping the occupant a little cosier on chilly days; they’re a good choice for small or spacious wet rooms.
  • Bath shower screens: Bath shower screens are the best possible solution for people who either do not have enough space to install a separate shower unit in their bathroom or for those who are on a budget but would still like to have the convenience of a shower. Usually, the screens project around three feet along the end of the bath and work well at splash protection.
  • Etched shower enclosures: Etched enclosures can really add a special touch to an otherwise functional fixture. There are many beautiful designs available today, from graphic patterns to nature inspired designs. Etched glass also offers some protection in terms of privacy.

Some companies will create one-off designs, a great option for those with oddly shaped bathrooms. However, off the shelf enclosures do come in a very wide range of sizes and shapes to suit most people’s needs too. You’d probably expect to pay a bit more for custom made designs, but by doing so you can be safe in the knowledge that it will fit your personal situation perfectly.

If you’re unsure about anything in the purchasing process then the customer service team at most retailers will always be able to help you with any niggling questions that you may have, as the correct decision is critical when buying a new shower enclosure you will want to find a reliable shower enclosure retailer such as Plumbworld.

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