Where can I find the definition of “Second Home” for RHI eligibility?
I understand second homes will be excluded from the RHI scheme. For capital gains tax purposes we have nominated a byre conversion to 3 bed cottage as our main residence. Is this nomination sufficient to qualify for RHI?

  • Mark Brinkley

    I can see no reason why it shouldn’t be. The RHI doesn’t say you can’t have two homes, just that it won’t apply on second homes, and the nomination of your first home has always been a matter of personal choice. However, if you subsequently rent it out and live somewhere else, you might be deemed to be playing foul, not just for the RHI but for tax purposes as well. I seem to remember our MPs getting into hot water over this very issue.

  • Len Wolfe

    Thanks Mark. Those considering renewable heating systems need to be 100% confident they qualify before committing to the substantial costs involved. Hopefully the forthcoming announcement of tariffs etc. for small domestic systems will clarify matters and avoid a RHI omnishambles.
    My concern is that unless we occupy our nominated main residence full time we would be receiving RHI payments without fully generating the intended environmental benefits of renewables. Of course most people spend some periods away from home, e.g. on holiday, but I wonder if there is any proposed eligibility criteria to ensure the actual heat usage approximates to the deemed usage.
    Regarding your observation on the effect of subsequently renting out the property I note that the February 2010 consultation document on RHI financial support states:

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