One of the conditions attached to my planning permission asks how I propose to deal with wheel washing when vehicles leave the site. I thought a pressure washer on the drive and some stiff brooms at the end of the day to sweep up any debris on the road. Looking at the Three Rivers Planning Section it appears this is not sufficient and they prefer water from washing wheels to be directed to a tank where sediment and oils can be filtered out and the water reused for further wheel washing. Where can the equipment to set this up be purchased?

  • Mark Brinkley

    Are you building a single house, or planning a housing estate of 100 homes? The local authority request must reflect the level of activity expected and the duration of the project, otherwise they would insist on every farmer’s gate having to have its own tractor washing plant. I would have thought your suggestion is more than adequate for a one-off building site. If needs be, add a rider saying that you expect no more than say a week of groundworks involving perhaps 15 or 20 site to road movements and that you consider your provisions to be adequate.

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