We have converted a one bedroom annex and garage (that was a triple garage with loft space), into a three bedroom house (two bedrooms and a bathroom upstairs and a kitchen diner, living room, toilet and bedroom downstairs). We are detached from the main house and have our own front door and garden. We have a separate oil heating supply,separate council tax band, separate telephone and separate electricity. We have a shared driving way with a garage and plenty of room for parking. Infact the only utility that is not separate at the moment is the water supply. We had full planning permission for the work with the condition that “the building can only be used as ancillary accommodation to the main dwelling house. It’s use as an independent dwelling would require planning permission for a change of use”.
We have been told by a couple of planning consultants that the property needs to be lived in for 6 years before we could try and apply for change of use to an independent dwelling. My question is what do we need to ensure we have now to give us the best chance of getting the annex, registered as a separate property in six years time?. Do we need to get a separate water supply? , (it’s seems complicated and potentially expensive to do this) Is there anything else we should do?

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