I’m purchasing bits for my new bathroom. I’ll be installing a combi boiler, one of the smaller worcester ones (quoted flow rates of 8.9 to 10.2 or 10.7 to 12.3 litres per min, depending on the model) since the house has only 2 bedrooms and one bathroom. I will be installing a shower only, no bath, and am looking at a good deal on a mixer shower (not thermostatic, flow rate quoted at 22 litres per min at 3 bar) with a 180mm wide rain shower head.

I have two questions: firstly I’m hearing contrasting reports re whether I should go for a thermostatic shower to prevent issues with temperature variation. Secondly will the combi provide adequate pressure for the shower head? I like my showers hot and powerful!

Many thanks for your help!

  • Geoff

    Well I can only comment on an installation I did some changes to recently. Flow rate from the combi and water main was poor. pressure was 3 bar – This at least gave a very decent shower pressure especially after I replaced an isolation valve BG put in (the small bore type) with a full bore one.

    I really think the flow rate will be your biggest problem. Your boiler will only be churning out a very limited amount of hot water and no matter what the shower can give it will only be as much as it gets if you understand me! Time the flow rate from your water main and see what you can get, If you have a bath at present, check the flow through the bath cold tap as it may be slightly better with the larger valve. That shower flow rate is nearly a bucket full every 30 seconds.

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