We live in a 1970’s dorma bungalow. The house was damaged by subsidence, following nearby building work. Our insurer would not pay out enough to cover the substantial foundation work that would have been necessary for us to rebuild at the time. We just had some crack stitching and cosmetic work done. This was 12 years ago and we have had no movement since. We would now like to move as we are both retired and we wonder if we could sell the property and land (its detached on a third of an acre plot) We need advice how to go about this as we think the house would not be mortgageable due to its history(?) Would we need Outline PP prior to selling the land and would we be likely to obtain this? Would it be possible to build a bigger house or more than one property? Where would we go to get impartial advice? Thanks.

  • Rachel Haynes

    Hi Ken,

    A local architect, planning consultant or architectural technologist should be able to give you advice on the likelihood of being able to build a larger or multiple homes on the plot based on its location, proximity to other dwellings/ buildings, size and accessibility. Simpler still may be just to approach the local planning authority and ask their unbiased advice. On the whole the planners won

  • ken collins

    Thank you for your reply it is very helpful. We will get some professional advice. Thanks again.

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