I am planning to knock through between my kitchen and dining room to make a large kitchen diner. It will be approx. 28 m 2 as a total size. I currently have a combi boiler and standard radiator central heating.

I don’t really want to put radiators in the new area but I’m confused as to what the best price/performance/cost to run trade off is for heating options. I’ve heard bad things about electric underfloor heating, cost & performance over a large area. Wet systems are more expensive to install and how can I run a single room off my combi when it requires a lower temp than the rest of the house? I don’t like the idea of plinth heating.

Is skirting board heating an option? Anyone done a similar job and had success failure?



  • Peter Eade

    I think your best option would be to bite the bullet and go for wet underfloor heating. Polypipe do single room kits which will provide you with the heating your require. It can be run at a different temperature from the rest of the house and comes with it’s own manifold, pump etc. I would suggest you check this out online. Electric underfloor heating is not a good idea particularity as you already have gas heating.

  • Adam Stevenson

    Hi Peter thanks for this, I have looked at it and you need to lay down the pads at 20mm then apply a ply 10mm across then screed then tiles, 35mm floor raise that’s quite a lot!

  • Adam

    Hi Adam, another Adam here (just to add to the confusion)

    It would be perfectly possible to dig down to get around the issue the raised floor height if you opted for a wet underfloor heating system for your kitchen diner. This is a bit of a faff and labour intensive but something you could look to do yourself. It would also be a great opportunity to improve the insulation levels you have in the ground. A move that would serve to only improve upon the efficiency of your new uf heating system.

    You might find this helpful


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