We are moving into our new home soon. On the back of the house, there is a lean to conservatory. We are putting an whole new roof on the bungalow, and would like to tile over the top of the conservatory, making it one whole roof. We will be removing the side windows of the conservatory and putting a double skinned wall up and struts to support the new roof area. We will be having bi fold doors to the front.

My questions are

  1. Do we need planning permission (PP) or building regs consent (BRC) to build up the side wall?
  2. Do we need PP or BRC to put a tiled roof over the conservatory?
  3. Do we need PP or BRC to put roof lights in the new roof?

We are not in a conservation area, and the proper is a detached bugalow so not looking over anyone else’s property.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

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