What chance do we have of gaining planning permission for building a small bungalow on the site of a ruined cottage in a small village – last lived in 40 years ago?

  • rita hartley

    Firstly, is it in green belt? If so, it is possible, but get a good architect or planning agent. Design is very important, but also you need somebody who is very clued up on policies as there are LOADS.
    If there is an existing property there is every chance of getting replacement dwelling permission.
    Good luck. As it’s a small village, be prepared for rejection from residents and maybe the Parish Council. they don’t like change! Get the Parish Council on side if possible.

  • Adam

    I Agree with all the points that Rita makes. In small villages you will find there is often resistance to new developments. It’s par for the course I’m afraid and one of the many obstacles you will face if you opt to move ahead with this endeavour.

    The key word you will need to become comfortable with is compromise. You may find that what you want and what the planners want might are somewhat different!

    Also, be sure that you really want it before you enter into the planning process with a consultant by your side. They are an excellent resource when faced with tricky or detailed applications but can also be expensive. Be sure to do thorough research first.

    Your best first port of call will be your local planning office. Many of them offer pre-application informal advice that could help shape your strategy. You can pick up the phone or check their website.

    Good luck

  • rita hartley

    Hi Susan

    Adam is correct. Planning department is worth talking to, but I would suggest face to face. Do a rough outline of what you would consider building and take it to them for discussion. I have found that speaking with them on the phone, they always cover their backs, but face to face you can actually get more from them.

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