My husband and I are hoping to build a 100m2 (approx) single storey house. The soil is clay and there is currently a 10m tree (whose root protection area we will be avoiding) on the plot. Until a few weeks ago there was also a 12m lime tree but this has now been felled. The root system of this, had it remained, would have covered about one third of the build area.

The architect is currently quoting us about £5,000 (ex-VAT) for a structural engineer. Specifically, the costs break down as:

Concept Design

Detailed Design


The fee includes for two site visits during construction and three meetings or site visits during the design stages. The proposal is based upon an appointment to provide normal services as set out in the ACE Schedule of Services Part G(a) section G2 in accordance with ACE Agreement 1: Design (2009).

Does anyone have any advice on the types of questions I should be asking in order to determine that this is a reasonable cost?


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