I am renovating a large house and completely replacing the heating and plumbing. I am aware of the traditional use of copper and the use of plastic double-barrier plastic pipe. However, I am unfamiliar with the use of Aluminium and would like to know how it compares with copper and plastic from a reliability, install-ability, safety and cost viewpoint. Where would I find a more in-depth and un0biased analysis of the use of these materials?

  • Stephen Margerison

    perhaps you should look at availability, as there is nothing worse than getting half way through a job, then finding you are short of fittings, only to find they are out of stock !!! I usually use copper, but on the last job I used polypipe, and found it Brilliant. I would def use it again !! as for aluminium ?? I cant say that floats my boat at all, there will be a reason why its not popular.
    have fun, regards, SKM

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