Our installer has just finished adding our solid oak worktops to our kitchen. I have noticed that while he has left the normal required 3-4mm gaps in some places, but due to the uneven walls in some places the worktop butts up against the wall. Is this likely to lead to problems? He is coming back tomorrow as he also forgot to actually attach the worktops to the units?!!! – Should I get him to remove and cut a little more off in the places where it touches? If he does remove the whole worktop, will this damage the joint (it is an L shaped kitchen worktop)?
Thanks for any help offered.

  • Mark Brinkley

    I don’t think this is likely to cause problems.

  • Darren Mackenzie

    It is unlikely that this will be a problem.
    Where is the worktop touching, remember that wood only expands along the grain. If the worktop is touching the wall at the ends of the worktop, it won’t make a difference.

    Also If you are still in doubt, an easier solution would be to chisel out the plaster on the wall rather than remove the worktops.
    The up stand will cover any damage and you still get the required gap.

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