We are renovating a 1895 property north of Glasgow which currently has no central heating. We will definitely be insulating etc etc, and for heating we have decided to go with an Air Source Heat Pump (no mains gas), but am struggling with the options. Does anyone know of reviews of the performances of different manufacturers? We are mainly looking at Mitsubishi Ecodan vs Dimplex A-Class. Both are made in the UK and the Dimplex hits a peak COP of 4.7 @ 7degrees and 3 @ -7!

Any thoughts on which would be the better product to go for? Any recommendations on installers in the Glasgow/Stirling area?



    Alastair, we are in a similar position, in terms of product selection, so will keep any eye out for any reviews on ASHP. I was advised though, to steer well clear of GSHP due to the reliability and complexity of the units. Have you had similar advise and that is why you are selecting ASHP instead of GSHP?

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